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The rather delightful Chi Lin Nunnery | visit it on your Premium Private Walking Tour of Hong Kong

J3 Private Tours Hong Kong | Visit the Chi Lin Nunnery in Diamond Hill with Jamie of J3 Private Tours Hong Kong.

Another one of my favourite places to visit and I will not roll out the many cliches that people use to describe the place (such as "a hidden gem") because cliches do not do the Nunnery justice and the beauty of the place needs to be thought about in the context of it's location. (if that makes sense)

As much as I love to visit I have one gripe which is the rule that you cannot take pictures of the statues (see above)  to me it is simply a petty rule that makes no sense at all... and the security guards get very annoyed with you If you try and sneak a picture.  I cannot think of a religious reason why the Statues cannot be photographed, after all it is one of the few places you cannot take a photograph and yet most Temples in Hong Kong have no issues at all and the Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island (which is the 10th wonder of the World) and also Buddhist like the Nunnery, they have no issues with you taking pictures of the amazing statues as long as you take them from the doorway, which is fine.

I think at the Chi Lin Nunnery they simply want you to go to one of their 2 gift shops and buy the book of the Nunnery and | or postcards and such, so it seems to me to be a commercial decision more than anything else.

It is very annoying and very frustrating but do not let that stop you from visiting.

.... and when you have finished with the Nunnery, walk across the bridge, over the road and visit the fabulous Nan Lian Garden.

J3 Private Tours Hong Kong | After visiting the Nunnery you have to visit the Nan Lian Garden across the road.

I love the garden across the road from the Nunnery and anybody that loves taking selfies will love it as well, it is a popular backdrop for people who populate Instagram.

There is a terrific veggie restaurant in the Garden, a pretty decent snack shop, a quite delightful gift shop and the bathrooms are sparkling so what's not to like?

Gripes, oh yes, I have one, since my first visit in 2011 I have found that quite large swathes of the garden are closed off to the public, such as little pagoda's and bridges where you can sit down and relax and if I was a cynic I would say that they do this to make sure that you go into the restaurant, snack shop and tea shop, hotels in Hong Kong are also known for this, ie absolutely minimal seating in the lobby so you have to go to one of their restaurants | coffee shops.

I am not surprised at all by this, Hong Kong is all about the money.

Do not let this put you off, the Garden is simply wonderful and doing both the Nunnery and the Garden is a fabulous way to see a very lovely part of Hong Kong.

The PLA Army Trucks on the Streets of Hong Kong.

J3 Private Tours Hong Kong | The strangely invisible Chinese Army in Hong Kong.

The Chinese PLA or Peoples Liberation Army has been in Hong Kong since 1997 and I have to say they are strangely invisible unless you know what you are looking for.

I have quite a lot of images of their trucks on the streets of Hong Kong, they seem to keep a pretty low profile in Hong Kong... there are approximately 5,000 PLA Soldiers in Hong Kong and I have always fascinated by the newspaper articles about them, they are generally quite negative and there is quite a debate going on as to whether the Chinese Army Soldiers should be allowed to wear uniforms on the streets.. personally I cannot see that happening anytime soon.

The young lady on a scooter being chased by a Lamborghini | one of my favourite images.

J3 Private Tours Hong Kong | The Scooter lady and the Lamborghini

Crazy ladies on scooters being chased by Lamborghini's, just another day in Hong Kong.

These days I see lots of ladies riding scooters, seems to have become a bit of a fashion accessory, I am not complaining, it adds a bit of colour and flair to the traffic.

The Anglican Church in Hong Kong | It's all about the money as usual

J3 Private Tours Hong Kong | The cash rich Anglican Church in Hong Kong

One of my favourite old houses in Hong Kong.

The Anglican Church in Hong Kong in 2018 has been in the news for all sorts of reasons but mainly because of the amount of money it has under it's control and the amount of money it has to invest in property, including very fancy apartment blocks and such.

The Anglican Bishop of Hong Kong lives in this jolly nice house which overlooks Ice House Street in the business district, I imagine if they decided to sell the house they would get US$300 Million to US$450 Million for it.. a very tempting offer that I am sure the Church would accept.

They have a huge portfolio of property in Hong Kong and they are also looking at redeveloping a site next to this house and building a 25 floor Hospital by exploiting some Building Ordinance loophole, not very Churchy if you ask me.

it is all about the MONEY.

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Oh my golly gosh, the simply amazing Pagani Zonda Absolute - this is a custom made car and is rumoured to be the only one of it's kind in the world and it is in Hong Kong!... oh... and yes, this is my picture, talk about being in the right place at the right time.


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