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Book a Tour directly with Jamie up to 18 months in advance | NO deposit required | payment by cash or credit card.

or click this image to book my Private Tours directly on Tours By Locals | the pricing is the same as on my website, over 275 + completed quality Private Tours on this platform.

Please use this simple, easy to use CONTACT form if yours is a general enquiry or if you need to double check my availability.

Jamie is personally available 7 days a week including holidays

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My comprehensive price list and my up to date calendar showing my availability can be accessed on the menu link of this website

However - see below



….. and being English and a native English speaker we should have no communication issues!

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I do take last minute bookings for day | night Premium Private Tours of Hong KongThat's right no deposit required

Use the contact form above or the email addresses below for a prompt reply

  • Please don't call me, it is impossible for me to answer my phone when I am on tour

  • Please don't Whatsapp me, if you do then please include an email address so I can respond by email

  • Please don't send a SMS message via Messenger, if you do then please include an email address so I can respond by email

  • Please do not text me

  • Important:- Please note that I do NOT ever use Whatsapp / Messenger or text messages for communication for booking purposes. I will respond by email only if you contact me via these message platforms

Let me explain my comment above - If you are making an enquiry please do NOT send a text or use Facebook Messenger / Whatsapp etc as I do NOT use these apps for communication purposes.

I have had instances in the past of people using Whatsapp to make malicious fake bookings.

...and please do not call me -  I am a real stickler for keeping all written communications as I like to document everything so there are no mistakes and I always send very detailed replies which is not possible via the above contact methods.

If you do use MESSAGE platforms to contact me you need to include an email address so I can respond in detail, thank you.

You can try and phone me on (+852) - 65325013 although please note it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to answer the phone when I am with my guests, also note that I cannot answer emails or messages when I am with my guests, my focus is on the tour and my guests on the day.

The best way to contact me is to use the simple contact form above.

Please note that my tours are private tours, in other words just you and me (see above) - oh... and after the tour you will get my highly rated self guided tours allowing you to explore Hong Kong with confidence during the rest of your stay.! 

Simple 3 step procedure to confirm your booking

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Awarded the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence

for for 8 years in a row from 2012 - 2019

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J3 Private Tours Hong Kong | Awarded the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence 8 years in a row 2012 - 2019 | 800+ reviews with a 5 star average!

Use this BOOKING form only if you want to confirm a tour now, it also helps me prepare your premium private tour of Hong Kong.

It only takes a couple of minutes to fill in the booking form below !

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Your Name
Helps me for planning purposes!
Please do let me know the name of the town or city you are from, I find any information about where you are from to be very useful!
This is for my own interest and research
Preferred date for your tour - USA date format *
Preferred date for your tour - USA date format
Important - this is the USA date format, MONTH first and then date Important - please do check my online calendar first to make sure the date is available
Alternative date for your tour - USA date format
Alternative date for your tour - USA date format
In case your preferred date is NOT available Important - please do check my online calendar first to make sure the date is available
Alternative tour date confirmation
If you are happy to confirm the alternative date of the tour then fill in this section
I suggest 10am for a day tour, 2pm for day/night tours of 6, 7 & 8 hours and 10am for 10, 11 & 12 hour tours and all night tours start at 7pm
Important : I do tours from between 3 to 12 hours and it is my job to maximise what you see no matter how many hours you have booked. Hong Kong has an area of roughly 426sq miles (1,100 sq km) as such attractions are widely spaced apart and this has to be taken into account when considering the length of a tour. It is simply not realistic to expect to do Hong Kong’s Top 10 attractions in 4 hours! (You would need a minimum of 3 days to do them all!) and this is where I come in - having lived in Hong Kong for 47 years and having done 50,000 + journeys on our subway system and 40,000+ journeys on our buses, I am an expert on timing and the most effective use of our public transport system. - the aim is simply to show you the best that Hong Kong has to offer. In addition I have done well over 2,000 tours which means I have a pretty fair idea of how to maximise what you see within the time frame of a tour and the longer the tour the more you will see, over 30% of my tours are 8 hours in length. No matter what tour length you decide on, whether it be 3 hours or 8 hours, I will show you the best that Hong Kong has to offer - simply choose the hours from the drop down menu.
For groups over 6 people, we will make specific arrangements by email.
I am terrible at remembering names, so please provide the names of those on the tour
I need to know for booking confirmation purposes - remember, kids 16 and under at the time of booking are FREE OF CHARGE!
Helps me with a bit of forward planning and gives me something to think about!
I'll need this so I know where to pick you up on the day of your tour, Hotel Lobby or mutually agreed place
What would you like to do on the tour? *
Most people are happy to let me do the tour based on my expertise but I am more than happy to fit in your special requests, you decide. Please note the specific Cheung Chau Tour can be part of a longer tour ie 6 ,7 or 8 hours.
If there is a particular place you want to visit or something you want to do then let me know - please also note that 90% of clients leave the itinerary in my hands.
A lot of people travelling in Asia get Templed out - we have one must see place in Hong Kong which is not what you think, it gives you a fabulous insight into local culture and therefore a must visit place
This is useful in planning what we might do together! anything you can remember will be very useful!
How long will you be in Hong Kong on this visit?
Please TICK only one box - this will help me plan your private tour
How did you find J3 Private Tours Hong Kong?
Please TICK only one box - It is always interesting to find out how you came across my name
Meal or Snack Option
Please TICK only one box - although not a foodie we can absolutely fit in a meal or snack if you like, I know some great places to eat! - if you want to eat in a specific restaurant then please let me know. Please note a great Chinese meal in a nice restaurant is just as authentic as a Chinese meal in a grimy, dodgy restaurant - I would NOT recommend a meal stop for tours of 3, 4 or 5 hours duration
Physical Condition *
Please TICK only one box - I specialise in doing premium private tours for seniors, over 60% of my tours are with people over 50, my tours do include walking a fair bit so please let me know if you have any issues at all so I can make adjustments as required... I do need to know this!
What Payment option do you prefer *
Please TICK only one box - if cash, you can pay in US$ or HK$ on the day of the tour, I do NOT require a deposit - for credit card payment by Visa or Mastercard I will send secure instructions - this method requires payment in full 2 working days before the tour - you can of course pay at anytime before then
Is this a Confirmed Tour? ie you Are actually confirming a tour now?
Please note if you TICK the box I will send to you a booking confirmation by email
If you wish to book more than one tour (ie 2 or even 3 tours over a couple of days) then there is no need to fill in multiple forms - simply use the space below and write down the date (s) and start time (s) and number of hours and any other additional information you may wish to add - I will send one booking confirmation for all the Tours
Feel free to add any comments that are not covered in the form!
I am one of the only private tour guides in Hong Kong that will accept a booking without a deposit or full payment in advance so please be very sure about making a booking, last minute cancellations are almost impossible to fill with another tour booking!!

All information you supply when you fill in the booking form is held in the strictest confidence.

  • Reminder - please note there is no auto confirmation that you have successfully submitted the form - however you can assume it has been sent and that I have received it and I will reply within 24 hours.

You can check my availability on the Calendar - see link on the menu

  • My tour calendar is updated TWICE daily and is 100% accurate as of 6am daily Hong Kong time.

  • Any bookings received after that time can only be added to my calendar later in the day.

  • Book your unique private tour of Hong Kong up to 18 months in advance with NO deposit required.

Meet the Millers, my spot at Victoria Peak, Hong Kong, late December 2017 | as seen on one of my Private Family Tours of Hong Kong

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