• Please note that bookings are subject to my availability and are on a first come first served basis;

  • I am also available even on days where I have an existing tour (i.e., On TOUR) depending on your timing and the number of hours for the tour, on my calendar you will see the legend "Available for tour" with the exact time period I am available for (ie - if you click on the text "Available for tour" it will show you the start time and end time of the tour I can fit in.)

  • If I am available my calendar will state clearly "available all day"

  • A blank day will normally mean LIMITED or NO AVAILABILITY, every now and then I handle projects not related to giving a tour or I have something else on

  • If my calendar is marked OP it means I am doing an Orientation Programme for a family that has recently arrived to live in Hong Kong

  • TBL means a booking from Tours by Locals

  • For days that are blank or marked OP I may well be able to fit you in, contact me and I will let you know

  • I do my utmost to try and fit you in if my schedule is busy!

  • If I am booked for a day tour I am generally still available for a 3 or 4 hour night tour from 7pm - 10pm or 7pm - 11pm, Hong Kong is truly wonderful at night! Go to the menu link and click on the one that says Hong Kong Night Tour (under J3 Popular Tours) for more information

  • Reminder - my tour calendar above is updated daily and is 100% accurate as of 6am daily Hong Kong time, as I am always out during the day I cannot update my calendar to show any bookings received after 6am until after I get back from my tour for the day which quite often is late in the evening.

  • When checking my availability please note it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to answer the phone when I am with clients, also note that I cannot answer emails or messages when I am with clients, my focus is on the tour and my client on the day.

  • Please remember my tour status can change instantly given that I can only change the calendar when I get home after a days touring!

  • Thanks for visiting my site and considering my Premium Private Tours of Hong Kong

  • If you would like to book multiple tours then be sure to let me have the details.

I do take last minute bookings for my day | night Private Tours of Hong Kong.

Book a Tour directly with Jamie up to 18 months in advance | NO deposit required | payment by cash or credit card.

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