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The ultimate hidden gem in Hong Kong, the Sky Full of God’s and Buddha’s in Wah Fu Hong Kong.

J3 Private Tours Hong Kong | Visit the Sky Full of God’s and Buddha’s site with Jamie of J3 Private Tours Hong Kong.

Another amazing place and as you know one of my most hated cliches is “hidden gems” but it is the best phrase to describe this treasure.

Located in Wah Fu Estate in Aberdeen on Hong Kong Island, it takes a bit of an effort to find but it is absolutely worth it, doing what I do it is not just the attraction which I like it is always the surrounding area as well and Wah Fu Estate is something special.

I love to take my guests there on a bus (all part of the experience) and the actual place is in a public housing estate so I can kill many birds with one stone…

Absolutely worth a visit.

.... and next door to where the Sky Full of God’s and Buddha’s site is located is Waterfall Park.

J3 Private Tours Hong Kong | After visiting the “statues” you need to go and have a look at the waterfall.

We do not have a lot of waterfalls in Hong Kong and most of them are in quite inaccessible places so it is nice to actually visit one without too much drama, it is by the sea and negotiating the area is a little tricky as it is very rocky but it is quite scenic.

It is NOT the Angel Falls in Venezuela which at 979m tall is the biggest in the World but ours has it charms and it is worth a visit.

To access the beach area where the waterfall is you have to walk down steps and there is a gate which more often than not locked (with a warning sign) so you have climb | go through a fence which can be a little tricky.

The reason why I do NOT do Food Tours

J3 Private Tours Hong Kong | Egg Tarts and being fat.

The Egg Tart.

Made famous by Christ Patten, last British Governor of Hong Kong, the egg tart is the quintessential street food dessert in Hong Kong and frankly there is only one place to sample them and that is the Tai Cheong Bakery on Lyndhurst Terrace in Central near the Mid Levels Escalator.

Go here for a great article about egg tarts in Hong Kong.

Being English and fat I have a thing about tarts (stop sniggering please) mainly because it is like custard (I could live on custard) and quite sweet and my record at one sitting is 10 which is not something I am proud of.

Have a read of my thing about food in Hong Kong (link above or go to the menu link) which sums up very nicely my feelings, desserts are pretty awful here, in a Chinese Restaurant you are lucky to get a slice of fruit, being a Brit I love my puddings, I like things that stick to the roof of my mouth.. even cakes here are bland, the designs are terrific but there is NO substance to them which does not appeal to me and for god’s sake do not get me started on pineapple buns as to criticise them is sacrilege given that it is a Hong Kong icon… but I speak my mind on food, the pineapple bun it is very bland, contains no pineapple and is not in any shape or form a dessert.

The mid life crisis toy in Hong Kong for us blokes, an expensive and very powerful motorbike.

J3 Private Tours Hong Kong | Being stylish on a Motorbike…….

Crazy about cars and crazy about motorbikes, that’s me and yet I have never driven a car or ridden a motorbike, go figure.

Harley’s, Ducati’s, Triumph’s etc, these are the popular brands of motorbikes with Hong Kong males of a certain age looking for a buzz and who can blame them, they are a lot cheaper than a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche etc and just as fast to a 100mph!

I have always had a soft spot for a Harley the sound of their engine is iconic and that’s that.

Hong Kong is all about the money and you can see that just by observing cars and motorbikes on our roads.


The Pink House at 5 Pollocks Path, Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

J3 Private Tours Hong Kong | The Pink House, one of those iconic and very expensive houses at Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

Probably my favourite old house in Hong Kong.

The house sold in 2017 for US$410 Million, that’s right, US$410 Million.

I had always being curious about it and it’s location so I recently went up to the Peak to find it and take some pictures. It is not hard to find although it is a little remote and I was thrilled to see it was not a garish, shocking pop pink, it is quite muted in a pastel sort of way.

As is usual in Hong Kong it is empty, quite often Mainland Chinese Billionaires leave our most expensive properties empty once they have go their hands on the house which to me is a real shame, it is a home that begs to be lived in. Oh well.

I strongly suggest you read the article about the house (link above) it has a long and quite fascinating history.

I love going up to Victoria Peak and house hunting, it is simply incredible that very bland and featureless houses go for such vast amounts of money.

….. and remember in Hong Kong it is all about the MONEY.

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Oh my golly gosh, the simply amazing Pagani Zonda Absolute - this is a custom made car and is rumoured to be the only one of it's kind in the world and it is in Hong Kong!... oh... and yes, this is my picture, talk about being in the right place at the right time.


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