Hong Kong Tours | May 24th 2017, 11 inches of rain in Hong Kong, a bit wet!

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When I work at home in Hong Kong, an amazing super large caterpillar at the Peak, Repulse Bay on a beautiful sunny day, visiting the Giant Buddha on Lantau Island, a somewhat amazing Ferrari prowls the streets of Hong Kong and the "walkers" that have become "fashionistas" on the streets of Hong Kong.

A typical wet day in Hong Kong, this one came out of the blue and in the space of 8 hours we had 11 inches of rain!! this was May 24th... on May 25th you would not have known that it had even rained at all, we have some pretty good drains in Hong.

Me working at home.

Caterpillars are starting to make an appearance and I was totally fascinated by this one as it looked like tree bark plus it was quite big.

It has been a while since I have been to Repulse Bay, it is one of the best beaches in Hong Kong and boy did we pick a great day to go, warm and not very humid and clear blue skies... simply amazing.

Another one of my favourite places to visit, the Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island next to the Giant Buddha.. look at the size of that incense!

Oh my, the amazing Ferrari 488 - what a fabulous car.... the image does not show the speed it was travelling at nor does it show me whooping with joy at that sound it makes.....

So, here is the current fad in Hong Kong, wearing sports fashion to go walking, personally I think it looks faintly ridiculous, the only thing missing here are the walking poles... I guess you are not taken seriously as a walker unless you are kitted out, I walk up to 10 miles a day in jeans and a polo shirt and my backpack does not have a water bladder built in. oh well.

John and Janelle walking the streets of TST in Kowloon...we had a great day.

Even the dogs love Repulse Bay! the Pulse shopping mall was absolutely bursting at the seams, it was such a lovely day.

I have a feeling that this beautiful Bentley is owned by our very own Sir David Tsang - he is the founder of a rather snazzy store called Shanghai Tang which is literally 2 minutes walk from where the car is parked. ... the car and license plate totally match his personality!

Oh my, the Pagani hypercar roaring past the Hong Kong Country Club

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