Private Night Tour Hong Kong | Owning a gorgeous red Ferrari in Hong Kong

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Jamie | Founder of J3 Private Tours Hong Kong | Offering Award Winning Private Tours of Hong Kong

Amazing Wanchai - so much to see and do, Firemen - the unsung hero's in Hong Kong, the Amazing Tai O Fishing Village on Lantau Island, Street food in Mong Kok, an old American classic car and the fearsome alligator snapper turtle in the Goldfish Market.

This Ferrari can often be found parked in the forecourt of the wonderful Peninsula Hotel in TST, Kowloon.... magnificent isn't it! I often wonder what it must be like to troll around in such a gorgeous car......

I like Wanchai District on Hong Kong Island, it has a lot of character and there always a million things going on around you....

The unsung hero's of Hong Kong, our Firemen, very professional and very brave.

Oh golly gosh, I just love the Tai O Fishing Village on Lantau Island, it is just terrific and it is very unique in Hong Kong

Whilst not a fan of street food at all you can find a lot of dodgy offerings in Mong Kok District in Kowloon, cheap and cheerful it is and if this is your thing you will love it.

A very classic Ford Thunderbird and a very rare sight on the roads in Hong Kong... in fact this is the first one I have ever seen! lovely, just lovely.

One for the kids, the positively prehistoric alligator snapper turtle on display in the Goldfish Market, amazing creature and not one to trifle with....

The new Crystal Bus, I prefer not to comment too much but tacky features heavily, you can have a meal on it... oh and it has a very lucky number plate

My spot at the Peak, that is all you need to know... simply amazing

BMW M4 - simply stunning, for me the M3 and M4 are the almost perfect sports car

Oh my golly gosh, the simply amazing Pagani Hypercar, hand made in Italy

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