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An all to common and somewhat depressing image of the youths of Hong Kong doing all they can to actually avoid talking to one another... these young folk will think of me as an old fart (sorry!) but at least I can hold an intelligent conversation face to face with anyone and everyone and I am also smart enough to know that having 5,000 likes on Twitter, Whats App, We Chat, Instagram, Snap Chat and Facebook in response to a vacuous post is not actually an indication of popularity at all.... one of life's great pleasures is a group of people having a friendly discourse whilst consuming fine food and drink!, something these young people may never actually experience.

Honestly I am not a fan of Japanese cars (with the exception of the awesome Nissan GTR) but I do like this classic retro Toyota and by golly it is a bit of a cult classic in Hong Kong...the guy who owns this car has a lot of class.


No, the interest here is NOT the Tesla Model X but the iconic tram in the background... I have a character flaw that manifests itself when I am faced with this "thing" / "mania" in Hong for cutifying / cartoonizing iconic objects and given them stupid nicknames....

In this case I get monumentally irritated by people who refer to our iconic trams as DING - DINGS which in my old fart eyes (sorry!) makes a mockery of this vital and absolutely iconic public transport service which has been operating in Hong Kong for about 113 years, call it a tram, a street car but for god's sake stop calling it a bloody DING - DING!!

A tram ride for me is one of those essentials that all visitors must do when visiting Hong Kong, it doesn't matter whether you go on an actual working tram plying it's trade or the rather lovely 1920's replica shown in the image.. just do it.

We do have a lot of Harley's and Ducati's in Hong Kong but I am seeing a lot more of these Victory motorbikes, big brutes but quite stylish.

I have featured this amazing Bentley before but I just cannot resist taking pictures of it whenever I see it... totally AWESOME!!

Chinese sausages and such on display in most of our wet markets and I have to admit not my cup of tea at all, I prefer my sausages to be of the New York hot dog variety! don't mind me, they are a staple in Hong Kong.

I like this lovely green Bentley almost as much as the red Bentley! it is a very striking car and it has quite a lucky number plate as well.

I visit the fabulous Peninsula Hotel in TST, Kowloon almost daily, it just has that certain something which most Hotels fine impossible to replicate, I love it.... and shown in the image are some scions of one of our rich and famous families.....they sounded very posh indeed with their Oxford University English.

Even back in the day there was a thing for lucky numbers in Hong Kong... here at the Kowloon Cricket Club the laying of the foundation stone on January 18th 1908 is as lucky as it gets! awesome!

Oh Lordy, the amazing and rather awesome Pagani hypercar / batmobile!