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One of Hong Kong's iconic old buildings, the Blue House from the 1920's has been under wraps for 18 months or so for a make over and this is now what it looks like... my mind is not made up, I have to say the original Blue House was awful visually but had character in spades but the new version is rather striking..... anyway pay it a visit, it is located in Wanchai on Hong Kong Island, it makes for a jolly nice image.

.... and this is what the Blue House looked like in 2013, quite a difference!

The Murray Road Car Park in Central on Hong Kong Island, I have always had a soft spot for this building.. so do property developers, in mid May 2017 a Hong Kong Property Developer paid US$3 Billion for the site (and will put up a large commercial building) ...

Most Hong Kong residents are probably not aware that it was always more than just a car park, it was also a Transport Department office where you would get your Driving License but more importantly at the top of the building was the ICAC Headquarters from 1978 to 2007. The ICAC is the Independent Commission Against Corruption an organisation that changed Hong Kong forever and seems to get better every year. On top of the car park are the old jail cells used by the ICAC and many a corrupt person (and by golly there were some famous ones over the years) spent a few nights there contemplating a life behind bars.

It is a shame it will be redeveloped but the writing has been on the wall for a long time, it is the first major site to come onto the market in the Central Business District for 20 years and the World Record price is not in the least bit surprising....

I for one will be sad to see it go.

Hong Kong is pretty built up, here in Wanchai there are lots of very tall apartment blocks which go for crazy prices...

Enough of buildings...... here is an awesome Porsche GT3 RS and what a car, boy, do I love this car.

The Porsche GT3 RS looks fabulous from any angle....

ASU Unit Officers, HK International Airport 6.5.17 - yup these are our tough guy Police and not too be messed with, these days they are quite visible at the Airport.

A pretty fancy Ferrari right? absolutely, it is gorgeous and this image was taken in 2015.. the thing is, is that our rich guys like to trade in / trade up to a better car on a regular basis, see below.

So, in 2017 our rich guy trades up to this totally awesome Aston Martin, it must have been a tough decision as both cars are closely matched.. must be nice to be minted!!

Meet Brigitta from Austria enjoying the sights and sounds of the Yuen Po Bird Market in Mong Kok and I would be more than happy to take you there on one of my premium private tours of Hong Kong.

The Chungking Mansions in TST Kowloon is somewhat famous for many reasons, some good but mainly bad... since I was kid I have been fascinated by the place... it did start out life in 1961 as apartment blocks that housed some quite rich folks and then it was all downhill and it has decayed year by year.

Amazingly it now houses 2,000 hostel rooms for backpackers and such.

it is fair to say that a lot of it's grittiness has gone but if you ever want to see the dark / dodgy side of Hong Kong then 5 minutes inside will want to make you wash your hands, you may wish to do this at the amazing and somewhat luxurious Peninsula Hotel which is less than 2 minutes walk down the road.... it makes for an interesting contrast.

Mong Kok is another one of my favourite places to visit, so much to see and do, so many sights and sounds.... one of the more interesting characters in Mong Kok is this old geezer Yu Pujiang aged 67 who is a street performer... he always draws a large crowd which he does his best to whip into a frenzy and in this case he then hurled himself through the hoop, luckily he didn't break his neck!

Two young ladies having a serious girlie talk in TST Kowloon.

Oh Lordy, the amazing and rather awesome Pagani hypercar / batmobile!

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