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The awesome McLaren at the awesome Peninsula Hotel, the most glamorous street sweeper in Hong Kong, the chap who founded the Kowloon Cricket Club, Maks Noodles re-opens at the Peak and the joy of upgrading your old Rolls Royce.

The Chung King Mansions on Nathan Road (vintage 1961) shown in the image on the right hand side is one of those places everyone should visit but probably won't as it is a very dodgy building full of very dodgy people, dodgy food and dodgy wiring....

I love visiting here which is almost daily as it is where I change my US$.. I am always fascinated by the place it is like a living breathing organism it is a shame that a lot of people have a very negative perception of it... I am always more than happy to take my guests into the bowels of this amazing building on one of my Private Tours of Hong Kong.

Once you have finished at the Chung King Mansions walk 2 minutes down Nathan Road and into the fabulous Peninsula Hotel... the hotel is a hot spot for fancy cars such as this awesome McLaren supercar.... oh lordy.....

This young lady sweeping the Streets is Nepalese and is by far the most glamorous street sweeper I have ever seen in Hong Kong.

Mr. Mody, the founder of the Kowloon Cricket Club... we used to play bingo there in the 1980's our youngest son's school did the annual sports day here and recently I have eaten in their excellent restaurant as I just happen to be good friends with a member..... so, in a nutshell I am big fan of the Kowloon Cricket Club... it has a rich history.

One word - AWESOME.   This is the rather majestic Ferrari 488 in a colour that I love on a Ferrari... pretty lucky number plate as well.

Maks Noodles has reopened in the Peak Galleria.... pretty decent food and quite cheap.

Just so we are clear, I hate bloody SMURFS and you will never see one on one of my Private Tours of Hong Kong.

Quite an old Rolls Royce but in immaculate condition and then look at the image below

..... and this is what happens when you upgrade a Rolls Royce, this awesome and very stylish Rolls Royce Phantom, not too shabby.

Oh Lordy, the amazing and rather awesome Pagani hypercar

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