Last Minute Tour Hong Kong | doing lunch in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel

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The strange Cross at the Tai O Fishing Village, the Ferrari FF12 TDF - simply amazing, the Pink Temple in South Lantau, those horrible stupid SMURFS and the Mariners Club in TST - soon to be redeveloped.

I have to say that this was one of the best club sandwiches I have ever had.. I rather like the Cafe Causette coffee shop in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Central, it is jolly expensive but every now and then it is a real treat.... certainly if I was minted I would be in there every day!!

...Oh - do not forget to photograph the Chocolate Creations, they are astounding.

Cafe Causette in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Central, I always think it has a slightly retro 1960's feel to it... it is absolutely worth a visit every now and then...... and if you like we can go there on one of my private walking tours of Hong Kong, at the very least to see the amazing chocolate creations.

It took us a while to work this one out, it was actually the lights embedded in the path that was the biggest clue.. it is a cross! which can probably be seen miles away at night!!! what I like though is the FEHD rubbish bin strategically placed next to the cross... they could have put the bin anywhere!!... anyway stuff like this is why I love to visit the Tai O Fishing Village and yes, we can visit on one of my private tours of Hong Kong.

Holy moly, I believe this to be the Ferrari FF12 TDF a very rare and superfast Ferrari, I just love the colour as well.... as usual the Peninsula Hotel is one of the prime places to spot exotic cars and I try and pass by daily.

I really love road trips with my friends Jacky and Amy, we hop into Jacky's 7 seater people carrier and go exploring for the day.... this is the first time I have seen a tacky pink Temple!  these sort's of places are generally inaccessible unless you have a car... very photogenic, however the guy outside scurried inside when he saw us and locked the doors...... I have this effect on people.

Ever since I was a kid I have hated the bloody SMURFS, I cannot explain it, they just wind me up and in my more lucid nightmares I have come up with over 1,400 ways of dispatching these nasty little Belgian buggers to the SMURF afterlife.... my favourite way is having a mini gun in both hands and then blasting them at close range... awesome.

I have been walking past the Mariners Club in TST since I was a kid, it is likely the building will be redeveloped sooner rather than later which will be a shame as the building is rather iconic...

Lovely sign, I like a good polished sign and if you like we can stop by the Mariners Club on one of my private tours of Hong Kong and touch it in homage.

I thought it would be a nice touch to finish with another Ferrari, this is an older model but it is still a classic Ferrari and worthy of our homage.

Oh Lordy, the amazing and rather awesome Pagani hypercar