Walking Tour Hong Kong | Meet Sir Jamie Fotherington - Smythe, BART.

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Tom enjoying the view at my spot at the Peak, who wouldn't want a McLaren?, a rather embarrassing motorbike, a Traffic Cop doing his thing on Garden Road, a very rare number plate on a Bentley and visiting Lan Kwai Fong on Hong Kong Island.

My friends have a sense of humour, that is all I am going to say, thanks Bill. I am of course Sir Jamie Fotherington - Smythe, BART. - If you are in Statue Square on Hong Kong Island please do gaze upon the real statue! of course we can do this on one of my Private Tours of Hong Kong.

This is Tom from Scotland and he was thrilled to see the best city view in the world from my spot at the Peak.. Tom, it was a pleasure meeting you.

I am a frequent visitor to the absolutely marvellous Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong and it is also a hot spot for supercars and the odd hypercar.... above is a McLaren a rather lovely and very fast English supercar with the owner trying hard to be nonchalant as he opens the door...WOW.

Let's be honest, there is NO WAY this muppet will ever get a girl riding around town on this machine, he looks like a complete wassock!

That's more like it, a real bike driven by traffic cop..... our traffic cops do swagger a bit when they get off these bikes and so they should.

What a lovely Bentley and what a very rare number plate.. I have only seen this car 3 times in 5 years so I was pretty happy when it went wafting by at a rapid rate... just splendid.

I photo bombed this happy group of campers in Lan Kwai Fong and then I got them in the perfect pose! Lan Kwai Fong in Central is the entertainment district in Hong Kong and is rather famous.

Free Tour group leaving from the Clock Tower at TST Promenade.. except it's not free, they expect a tip.

Oh Lordy, the amazing and rather awesome Pagani hypercar

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