Last Minute Night Tour Hong Kong | The Aqua Luna Hong Kong in the Harbour

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Jamie | Founder of J3 Private Tours Hong Kong | Offering Award Winning Private Tours of Hong Kong

Emma soaking up the view at my spot at the Peak, take the time to visit the Bird Market in Hong Kong, the Porsche GT3 RS, the awesome Tai O Fishing Village and the amazing wet market at the Yat Tung Housing Estate in Tung Chung.

This is the Aqua Luna II - pretty darn awesome if you ask me and I just love the sails, so now we have two Aqua Luna's prowling around the harbour day and night! Night time in Hong Kong is very special and why not book one of my private Night Tours of Hong Kong, it is a lot of fun!

This is Emma, Emma is from the UK and was in Hong Kong for 9 hours on her return from Australia... we got lucky with the weather and the view was awesome from my spot at the Peak! Nice to meet you Emma.

Honestly, I hate these birds and this goes back to when I was a kid, I find them very creepy but..... it doesn't stop me from visiting the Bird Market!!! and I am more than happy to take you there on your personal, Private Tour of Hong Kong.

Sweet!! the amazing Porsche GT3 RS... what a car and a genuine two seater as well.

This is still one of my favourite images, scooter lady holding up the traffic and being chased by a Lamborghini!!

I am a frequent visitor to the Tai O Fishing Village on Lantau Island, it is just so different to the rest of Hong Kong and although it takes a lot of time and effort to get there it is absolutely worth it, you will not regret it... one tip, ignore the tourist boats and simply walk around the village on foot, you will see so much more. Brilliant.

With summer approaching the fancy cars are coming out as people head for the south side of Hong Kong Island (Repulse Bay, Big Wave Bay, Shek O and Stanley)... I really liked this iconic red Ferrari although I have to say the driver looked very miserable which was not really in the spirit of his custom license plate... oh well., I guess even the rich folk have off days.

Thanks to my good friend Jacky for introducing us to the Yat Tung Indoor Wet Market in a Public Housing Estate in Tung Chung on Lantau Island... they did a really great job of fixing up the interior to make it look like "old" Hong Kong, they should really use this template at every indoor wet market in Hong Kong.

People on the not quite as free as you think tour on Flower Market Road.

People on the not quite as free as you think tour on Flower Market Road.

Oh Lordy, the awesome and rather amazing Pagani hypercar

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