Best Walking Tours in Hong Kong | Murano Glass Exhibition in Hong Kong

Would you eat pig guts and cow guts? HK's finest street food!, the awesome new Ferrari in Hong Kong, snakes alive! still dealing with my fear of snakes and the view from the lobby of the Intercontinental Hotel.

The amazing Murano glass exhibits at the Nan Lian Garden in Diamond Hill in Kowloon

I am thrilled that I have reached 10,000,000 views of my images on my Flickr site, thanks to everyone!

One of the reasons I do not do food tours (I am NOT a foodie) is that quite simply I will never eat food like this, pig and cow guts simmering away all day, this is so called "street food" and is just not my thing..(and yes, I have tried it) as far as I can tell it is cheap which is why people buy it.

Le Ferrari, a very rare beast indeed and I was lucky that I spotted it from the top of a bus, so I got off the bus just to get the images

My favourite snake shop in Sheung Wan, I am a frequent visitor as I am trying to overcome my fear of poisonous snakes, this shop has thousands of deadly snakes and most of them end up in a bottle or as a quick meal. - for the record Hong Kong has 14 species of poisonous snakes and I encounter some of them at the Peak.

This is me getting up close and personal with a cobra, it is NOT my hand as I am taking a photo, like greased lightning the cobra tried to bite my lens!!! what fun!

The Hotel Intercontinental on Salisbury Road in Kowloon has magnificent views from it's lobby...

A pretty decent death stare on the subway platform, he is probably comparing bellies with me...

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Posted on May 9, 2016 and filed under Offbeat attractions.