Hong Kong Best Tour Guide | LCSD Signs ruin everything in Hong Kong

Mr. Jason poses in Central in his awesome Mercedes Benz, the amazing waffle guy in the Tai O Fishing Village, a rather foggy Hong Kong Harbour and a rather British Bulldog

The Leisure and Cultural Services Department ( a branch of the Hong Kong Government ) or the LCSD take posting pointless signs to new heights here, this is the front gate of the Kowloon City Walled Park, these muppets take all the joy out of visiting parks in Hong Kong.

This is one of the coolest pimped out Mercedes I have seen in Hong Kong, very, very cool, I have seen quite a few WALD jobs but this is the best I have seen.

I love my egg waffles and this dodgy looking chap in the Tai O fishing Village in my opinion produces the best one in Hong Kong and only HK$15 or US$1.93 per packet, totally awesome, beware of his devil dog, a really mean, bad tempered old pooch with 6 inch teeth hangs out in his shop and seems to really hate me!!!

A foggy Hong Kong harbour!

What a lovely dog, it makes it's home in Stanley Market and a friendly chap as well!

Normally my bug images are rubbish, I have a fabulous camera but I have never really had the patience to do macro photography, this is the first half decent image of a dragonfly that I have taken.

Posted on June 18, 2016 .