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A visit to Cheung Chau Island is always a great option for Cruise Ship Passengers, a lovely ferry ride away from Hong Kong Island, a quaint fishing village atmosphere, lots of things to do with plenty of food options available.

Quite a regular visitor to Hong Kong is this monster ship, the Queen Victoria. If you are coming to Hong Kong on a cruise then contact me for a Shore Excursion. I take bookings a year in advance.

The famous (or infamous!) Cheung Chau buns whose popularity peaks in May every year, they are not really to my taste but certainly they are worth trying once.

A Cheung Chau Island specialty, FLY TATARE - yup, one of the problems we have in the summer is that the flies come out and feast on any food lying around!!

There are no cars on Cheung Chau Island but plenty of these rather annoying motorised lawn mowers! they are very noisy and get on my nerves! this one has been worked on and is probably the most souped up mower on the Island.

On the ferry ride to Cheung Chau Island you will see these monster ferries on the way to Macau

.... and the famous Macau Hydrofoils, they go like the clappers

....and finally the Macau Turbojets powered by Boeing engines.

This is probably a local gang member, the scar on his left arm was probably made by a meat cleaver (called a chopper here) - boy what an amazing tattoo!! must of cost an arm and leg and taken a good few weeks... worth it though.

There are thousands and thousands of bikes on Cheung Chau Islands owned by residents, oh, and quite a few dogs as well

Beach babes on Cheung Chau Island, there is a pretty decent beach which is kept very clean and there is a shark net for protection....yes, it is safe to swim and the water quality is just fine.

The Warwick Hotel on Cheung Chau Island, Hong Kong's answer to the much loved Fawlty Towers in England... it really is about time that Cheung Chau had a Holiday Inn or a Marriott or a Ramada, they would make a fortune and actually bring in visitors... the Warwick is pitiful as Hotels go... as you can imagine, the Hotel has no incentive to upgrade as it has been the only Hotel for decades on the Island.

Just brilliant... this is the famous rock carving on Cheung Chau alleged to have been written by "natives" many moons ago... just follow the signs... the rock is behind glass and since I was there the last time they have cleaned up the glass. I imagine it probably says "Boris was here"!

There are a couple of pretty decent Western bars / restaurants on Cheung Chau - this one offers beer from Austria which are pretty potent at 24% proof.

No island would be complete without the old crone who probably doubles as a fortune teller....

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