Easy Hong Kong Private Tour - Looking into my soul on the Subway, Hong Kong

The amazing Po Lin Monastery next to the Big Buddha on Lantau Island, the easy riders in Hong Kong, the famous American Restaurant in Wanchai and Trish and Vanessa take in the sights of Hong Kong

I have taken a lot of images over the past couple of years and this is my favourite, this young lady on our subway was looking away from the camera when I was focusing and bingo... it is like she is looking into my soul, I cannot decide if she is happy or sad.

It does not matter how many times I visit the Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island I am always gobsmacked by the interior, simply amazing..

We seem to have quite a few Harley Davidson Motorbike Clubs in Hong Kong, pretty cool dudes!

The American Restaurant sign in Wanchai on Hong Kong Island, I love this place!  UPDATE, the restaurant closed in mid 2018

Trish and Vanessa enjoying the view of Hong Kong Island from Kowloon Promenade...

A very, very nice Jaguar sports car.....

A typical dodgy alley in Hong Kong but of course, perfectly safe! -

Posted on April 27, 2016 .