Best Private Tour Hong Kong | The Dodgy Massage Parlour in Wanchai, Hong Kong

Only my 2nd sighting of a Rolls Royce Wraith, the massive Bellagio apartment blocks, a bin full of bottles and a foggy view of the Hong Kong Airport Bridge

I took this shot early in the morning and had not realised I had taken a picture of a slightly worse for the wear chap coming out of a dodgy massage parlaour in Wanchai

This is only my 2nd of sighting of the rather glorious Rolls Royce Wraith and what a splendid model it is, I love the paint job

The Bellagio - some of the tallest apartment blocks in Hong Kong!

A bin full of bottles, beer and spirits -

We have had a dreary, cool and foggy winter and this image sums it up

The rather odd work of art in the lobby of the Peninsula Hotel

I just love that guys here will drop a huge amount of money on such glorious cars like this Porsche, brilliant!

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Posted on April 3, 2016 .