Culturally Immersive Tours of Hong Kong | Afternoon Tea at the Ritz Carlton Hotel

FEHD Officers chase hawkers in the Central Business District, the amazing orange coloured Ferrari, The Court of Final Appeal and a jolly nice view of Hong Kong Island from Kowloon.

Whilst I personally prefer to have afternoon tea in the Peninsula Hotel it is frankly hard to argue with the views from the 102nd Floor in the Ritz Carlton Hotel, simply amazing and the food is pretty darn good as well!

Oh my, FEHD Officers chasing hawkers (people who sell goods on the streets illegally) this is a pretty rare sight!

Now there's a few more of them!

I have never seen so many Government lackeys running! they were probably chasing one guy who was running at street level.. amazing.

This is a very rare red/orange Ferrari, I also like the reminder on the number plate!

One of the few old colonial buildings left in Hong Kong, the Court of Final Appeal

Not a bad view eh! looking towards Hong Kong Island from Kowloon

The lady in Ferrari red / orange - I try hard not to get distracted when I am photographing cars!

I quite like the new Lexus LFA shown here, I am not a huge fan of Japanese cars but they do have a few classics!

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