Hong Kong Street Culture - Mrs. Billionaire + daughter visit the Four Seasons

My favourite drinks vendor in Chater Garden, Tom Cruise looking ever so slightly Asian, defacing a Ferrari and Johanna at my spot at the Peak.

I always have a soft spot for people who travel in style and I love the fact that Mrs. Billionaire and her daughter get whisked around in this awesome Rolls Royce Phantom, they also have a lovely Bentley and a gorgeous Ferrari (and probably a few others!) - I would also like to do lunch at the Four Seasons Hotel everyday as well.

I do a lot of car photography on the bridge (top right of this image) so I always stop and get my Coke Zero from this friendly street vendor in Chater Garden in Central.

A recent movie poster featuring a certain Tom Cruise who has been doctored to look 25 and who also looks somewhat Asian!!

Sometimes you see a car like this and weep.. this scaffolding company owner has defaced this gorgeous Ferrari to promote his company! dear god in heaven.

Johanna admiring the magnificent views from my spot at the Peak on a glorious summers day

A rather flamboyant young lady from China about to light some incense at the rather famous Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple

BMW M3 - Sweet!!! at the Hong Kong Country Club

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