Hong Kong's Best Private Tour Guide | Violent Thunderstorm at Victoria Peak

The Police vs Triads on a sleepy Sunday morning in TST, Kowloon, the totally weird spider web Aston Martin, an amazing view from the Ritz Carlton Hotel, 102 floors up, the lonely job of a security guard and the Hong Kong Ferris Wheel.

The thunderstorm view from my spot at the Peak... I love sunny day views but every now and then, well, WOW!!

The Police had stopped a shifty young chap and conducted a stop and search on him..

A couple of minutes later his buddies surrounded the 3 Policeman demanding he be let go so they called in the heavy mob, the Police Tactical Unit, end of standoff.

Holy moly.... it is right up there with the Spiderman McLaren in the oddity stakes, this Aston Martin is a real head turner.

This is the amazing view you get from the restaurants on the 102nd Floor of the Ritz Carlton Hotel, oh my!

Looks a bit lonely for the Security Guard at the Court of Final Appeal

The Hong Kong Wheel or Eye, as Ferris Wheels go it is a major disappointment but it does look cool at night!

The Lexus LFA, quite the sports car!

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