Hong Kong Cultural Tours | The Chinese Army Trucks on the roads of Hong Kong

Ceci and Rory visit Hong Kong, the girl on the Motorbike and the new Court of Final Appeal re-opens in Hong Kong.

Every now and then on the south side of Hong Kong Island you will see Chinese Army Trucks trundling around, I spotted this one opposite the Hong Kong Country Club. -

Ceci and Rory from the UK enjoying the awesome view of Hong Kong Island from TST Promenade. -

Ceci and Rory on Bus 260 to Stanley!

I am seeing more and more young ladies riding motorbikes (as opposed to the more traditional scooters) looks like this young lady is off to the beach!

After 2 years under renovation the Court of Final Appeal is back in it's spiritual home of the old Supreme Court Building.. they have done a terrific job of tarting up my favourite old building in Hong Kong.

One of the more "in your face" Bentley's in Hong Kong, love the colour

Posted on September 16, 2015 .