Hong Kong Cultural Tours | The Chinese Army Trucks on the roads of Hong Kong

Ceci and Rory visit Hong Kong, the girl on the Motorbike and the new Court of Final Appeal re-opens in Hong Kong.

Every now and then on the south side of Hong Kong Island you will see Chinese Army Trucks trundling around, I spotted this one opposite the Hong Kong Country Club. -

Ceci and Rory from the UK enjoying the awesome view of Hong Kong Island from TST Promenade. -

Ceci and Rory on Bus 260 to Stanley!

I am seeing more and more young ladies riding motorbikes (as opposed to the more traditional scooters) looks like this young lady is off to the beach!

After 2 years under renovation the Court of Final Appeal is back in it's spiritual home of the old Supreme Court Building.. they have done a terrific job of tarting up my favourite old building in Hong Kong.

One of the more "in your face" Bentley's in Hong Kong, love the colour

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Posted on September 16, 2015 .