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9 awesome cars in just a couple of hours of car spotting, getting the death stare from a rich lady in a gorgeous Bentley and an old apartment building.

I can attest to this, in a nutshell The Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong needs to change the stupid dress code rule for Afternoon Tea... in the past few months I have checked weekly with staff about the dress code which basically revolves around sandals and the fact that there is NO consistent policy, every staff member I talked to has a different interpretation.

Essentially they do NOT want to see toes so sandals and flip flops are out, I agree flip flops do not really fit into the ambience of the magnificent lobby but a lot of ladies wear quite elegant and quite expensive sandals which surely should not be an issue and how is this less attractive than a pair of trainers??..... this is not really the issue though, it is the fact that for everyone they refuse entry to there are 10 ladies showing their toes whilst sampling the wonderful afternoon tea!

It is time Management made a once and for all ruling which in my opinion is to ban flip flops but sandals are fine... this negative publicity does them no favours at all.


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for that brand of car.

When it comes to car spotting I am very patient, 2 hours yesterday yielded more than a few fabulous cars - I love the fact that Hong Konger's love awesome cars!! just brilliant...

This young and rather elegant lady is probably contemplating a day of shopping, 2 hours at the Four Seasons Spa, lunch at Fook Lam Moon and a drink in the Captains Bar in the Mandarin.. if I was sat in the back of car like this I would be grinning from ear to ear! -

A fairly typical 1960's style building in a working class neighbourhood in Hong Kong

Bill and his family enjoying the magnificent views from my spot at the Peak

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Posted on August 20, 2015 .