Hong Kong Cultural Tourism | The world of custom car number plates in Hong Kong

Lucky numbers, unlucky numbers, names, nicknames and everything in between! welcome to the world of lucky number plates in Hong Kong on some of the most expensive cars in the world.... oh, and all images taken by me.

Bentley - ZEUZ / It is like something out of bad James Bond Movie - I hope the material on the bonnet (hood) and roof is waterproof!! Just a little tacky.

Lamborghini - BENNY / I am guessing that the owner of this awesome car is....... Benny

Porsche - TOPLESS / One of my most popular images and normally when I have photographed this car it has a lady driver!

Rolls Royce - DEBORAH / The less said about this the better although it does have shades of Lady Penelope in the Thunder Birds! Let's just say that Deborah and her husband Stephen bring a whole new meaning to the word flamboyant...

Bentley - HS / Husband of Deborah, he owns quite a few beautiful cars, my favourite Stephen car is this Bentley, the red when viewed up close sparkles!, must be a very special paint job. -

BMW - GOODGUY / so, not the most glamourous of cars when compared to the others but I love it.. it really stands out!

Aston Martin - SMOKE / ok... so WOW! what an awesome car and a very popular image.

Rolls Royce - 13 / still my favourite image, taken outside the Opus, the fanciest apartment block in Hong Kong.. simply a case of blind luck and I was over the moon as 13 is my lucky number!

Lamborghini - SWEET B / I am not sure about the colour but this is the new Lamborghini Huracan, the entry level model!

Lamborghini - JESTER / An older model Lamborghini with a great number plate, holy smoke!

Pagani - PP 198 / A very in your face car with a very subtle number plate, essentially 198 translates to certain long life and wealth. I still remember the day I took this image, I ran into moving traffic to get the shot as for me this is simply the most amazing car in Hong Kong.

Volkswagen - 1 / Probably the holy grail of number plates in Hong Kong (although for me single digit 8 is right up there!) this is a Government Car and the chap snoozing in the back was our Commissioner of Police, this is my most viewed car image.

Posted on September 19, 2015 .