Luxury Hong Kong Tours | The amazing gifts I sometimes get from clients

I have spotted my first Golden Orb spider of the year, bugs at the Peak and a rare sighting of a Hong Kong Police Command Vehicle.

Every now and then a I get small gifts from clients (always gratefully appreciated!) and this was one I got a few weeks ago from a 1 Star Admiral from the US 7th Fleet (Pacific) - amazing!

Summer is on the way and I managed to get my first image of the year of the infamous Golden Orb spider, a sure sign summer is almost here. This one is a baby, they get much, much bigger.

Other than spiders and small ants, bugs are few and far between, I was lucky enough to shoot this little critter on my Peak walk on April 15th 2015 -

Now this is a rare sighting - a Police Command Vehicle.

Posted on April 17, 2015 .