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The bus that was on the roof of the Peninsula Hotel, the cool Fire "Bike" and my first sighting of the long rumoured but never seen Ford taxi...

One can only assume it was a problem as they felt the need to put up this sign!  uuuuuugh!!

For a few weeks this bus was causing a lot of panicked looks from pedestrians... it was art! it was pretty funny as it also moved up and down! it is a shame they have taken it down...

One of the coolest emergency service vehicles I have seen, presumably he will not be expected to put out large building fires.

Finally, Ford have been saying for years that they will be the new face of Hong Kong Taxi's and I have now spotted my first one... a little odd that it seats only 4 but it is a dramatic improvement on the Toyota Crown which is simply and in my view the worst taxi in the world. Long live Ford! -

The amazing BMW i8 all electric sports car .. wow!

Posted on April 18, 2015 .