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Hong Kong cars - vanity plates, lucky number plates and just plain funny plates...

This is my favourite number plate in Hong Kong. The number 13!! I have seen it once before 4 years ago and I guess I was just in th right place at the right time. Nice car as well a classic old Rolls Royce.

Hong Kong Car Number Plates

I am just a little obsessive about photographing cars and these days I am a complete anorak when it comes to car license plates, I find the subject fascinating and it does give one a little bit of a peek into Hong Kong culture where "lucky" numbers are highly prized.

One of my favourite sections on my Flickr site is the section for number plates with just numerals from 1 - 99

In just over a year I have managed to photograph 43 of these 100 cars - the odds are not in my favour, ie 100 cars out of around 530,000 private cars spread over 410 square miles, mostly I am just plain lucky on the other hand I am willing to stand in a spot for 4 or 5 hours (in a specific location) working on the theory that cars will come to me....

The number 13, honestly, just luck, but I was on Stubbs Road heading to the Peak (where the rich folk live) and my sighting 4 years ago was at the Peak.

I am now out roughly 6,000 images of license plates and it is growing

I have many sub sections of number plates....

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Posted on April 16, 2015 and filed under Cars + Car License Plates.