Private Tours of Hong Kong | Another cool Hong Kong lady on a scooter

The new, New World Centre is slowly taking shape, what the Hong Kong billionaires ride around in and the boy on the bus.

One cool lady on a scooter - wow!

Hong Kongers fondly remember the New World Centre shopping mall next to the Intercontinental Hotel, the new New World Centre is rising like a phoenix from the ashes and will be 3 times the size.

Mercedes Benz no longer make the Maybach but boy, what a car... it is a monster and is the first choice car for most of Hong Kong's billionaires. Note the very lucky number plate!

Yes, you guessed it, the always jam packed Bus no. 23! that's me getting the death stare from a young man

I managed to get a shot of Joe and Helen on the 260 bus to Stanley - that's them waving at me!

That would be bamboo scaffolding then....

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Posted on September 24, 2014 .