Walking Tours Hong Kong | The lady on a scooter being chased by a Lamborghini

The topless lady in a yellow Porsche (not quite what you think!), the rather cool BMW roaring past the rather posh Hong Kong Country Club and the posh ladies in a lovely Mercedes Benz.

I had no idea I had even got the white Lamborghini rushing up in the background, my focus was on the white lady on her Vespa scooter which in itself is a rather unusual sight.

This is one of my most popular images ever on my Flickr site - a rather lovely yellow Porsche with the rather interesting number plate!

Oh my....  a rather splendid and expensive BMW roaring past the Hong Kong Country Club on the south side of Hong Kong Island - the guy was really motoring, I imagine the chicks were impressed!

This is the more typical Hong Kong lady in the car (so to speak) they do look rather posh and refined and this model Mercedes is for them probably the family runabout!

Linda and Ken enjoying the super view from my spot at Victoria Peak

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Posted on September 22, 2014 .