Premium Hong Kong Tours | Mayhem at the Apple Store at IFC Mall, Hong Kong

Lizards at Victoria Peak, Hong Kong, Emergency Services vehicles in Hong Kong and the woman on the bus.

About 800 people lining up inside and outside the Apple Store at IFC Mall in Central, Hong Kong - waiting to take delivery of the new IPhone 6

Then I spot what is really going on - people collecting phones they ordered online and then reselling them to traders at a huge profit who then sell them to desperate buyers from Mainland China!

Mainland Chinese guys had suitcases full of the new phone, essentially they paid Hong Kong residents a large sum for their phone as soon as they came out of the store and then more than doubled the price and sold them to Mainland Chinese customers - all of this took place within 1 minute's walk of the Apple store!

Naked unabashed capitalism - Hong Kong has always been about free trade so this is no surprise to see but you have to question why someone would pay 2 1/2 times the price for an expensive phone which will be easy to buy here in a couple of weeks once the initial rush has died down... and just to stress that the guys selling the phones and the people buying them were all Mainland Chinese.

...and back to the real world, I have never seen a lizard like this in Hong Kong.. very neat.

The unsung hero's of Hong Kong - our firemen do a magnificent job

The woman on the bus - the always jam packed Bus No. 23

Bill and Jan relaxing at the spot at Victoria Peak, Hong Kong.

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Posted on September 21, 2014 and filed under Spiders, Snakes + Bugs.