Hong Kong Private Tour | A nasty giant centipede gives me the beady eye

The mad spandex nutters at the Hong Kong Country Club, Mr. and Mrs. Average Hong Konger on a weird scooter and the gob smackingly awesome Ducati motorbike.

Bloody creepy - you wouldn't want to find this in your shoe.

Most spandex nutters only come out on a Sunday to show off their fancy carbon fibre bikes and their figure hugging over the top spandex costumes - I much prefer the Maserati.

Looks like Hubby and Wife have traded up from spandex and a bicycle to one of those weird 3 wheel scooters - not the coolest couple in Hong Kong.

Forget bicycles, forget scooters - this magnificent Ducati is Steve McQueen cool - I don't drive cars or ride motorbikes but I want one - at least with this monster people will notice the bike and not my gut and I do not have to wear spandex!

You absolutely must ride the iconic Star Ferry when you visit Hong Kong - from the lower deck, on the lower deck you get crusty sailors, salty sea air and the wonderfully evocative smell of diesel oil.

Kirk and Lisa enjoying the rather hazy view from Victoria Peak!

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Posted on September 25, 2014 and filed under Spiders, Snakes + Bugs.