Real Hong Kong Tours | Death stare from a shotgun toting Security Guard

Bernd and Anke from Germany visit Hong Kong, the lovely restoration of the old Central Police Station on Hollywood Road and the Ambulance bikers..

I was not aware that the Security Guard was giving me the death stare - brilliant, there are very, very few people licensed to carry firearms other than the Police.

From Germany, Bernd is a Doctor and here with his lovely wife Anke seeing the great view from my spot at Victoria Peak before delivering a lecture or three at one of our Hospitals.

This is the old Central Police Station on Hollywood Road near SOHO - opened in 1919 it is undergoing a major restoration and it looks like they have done a magnificent job - it is going to be an arts hub....

Meet Jill an eminent Doctor and Allan an eminent Artist from Scotland enjoying the brilliant views from my spot at Victoria Peak.

I think the Ambulance guys on these BMW Bikes look pretty cool.....

Meet Helen and Joe from Australia enjoying the fine view from the Peak Tower at Victoria Peak

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Posted on September 17, 2014 .