Small Private Group Tours Hong Kong | Snakes at the Peak in Hong Kong

Marshall and Reggie in Hong Kong, the car guys that wave at me and the Police dog patrols in Hong Kong.

Meet the Beauty Snake which is found only on Hong Kong Island - I came across this little blighter at the Peak and naturally I felt the need to get the shot - generally I run away when I see a Cobra! but as this clearly wasn't a Cobra or the nefarious Pit Viper I felt it was ok to get close.... looked lovely and it moved very, very quickly and up a steep moss covered slope - finally proof of snakes at Victoria Peak!

Marshall and Reggie from the USA enjoying the stunning city views from my spot at the Peak on Hong Kong Island

I take quite a few images of cars - the chap who owns this lovely BMW always gives me a wave when he goes by

Mark and Diana (who I thought were A List Hollywood Movie Stars!!) also from the USA at the Peak, Hong Kong.

I would not want to mess with these Police Dogs.... here are two of Hong Kong's finest doing a stop and search routine on a couple of shifty looking characters who turned out to be not so shifty after all. The Hong Kong Police is one of the finest Police Forces in the world! Huzzah!

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Posted on September 18, 2014 and filed under Spiders, Snakes + Bugs.