Last Minute Tour Hong Kong | The awesome old style Nissan GTR Porsche killer

Joanne and Frank visit Hong Kong for the first time...., truckers in Hong Kong and getting a picture of the somewhat elusive dragonflies..

Hong Konger's love their cars and this is a very special Hong Kong car - the older version of the brilliant Nissan GTR which is a Porsche / Ferrari killer! lovely...

Meet Joanne and Frank from England enjoying their first trip to Hong Kong... as usual the background is my spot at Victoria Peak...

Truckers in Hong Kong are not like Truckers in America! they are often a little eccentric though!

Meet Coni from Australia,.. Coni drives a monster truck at a mine! amazing.... another fine day at my spot at Victoria Peak

This is my first ever shot of a dragonfly - they are even more elusive and hard to pin down than a butterfly.

Taylor and Lorraine enjoying the simply staggering views of Hong Kong from my spot at Victoria Peak

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Posted on September 16, 2014 .