Hong Kong Private Tour Companies | A ginseng root costing US$241,645

The grim ritual of rush hour travelling on a bus in Hong Kong, a traffic cop does his thing and Paula & Elizabeth do Victoria Peak.

One would have to question the mentality of why even a gazillionaire would drop HK$1,880,000 or US$241,645 on a gnarly old ginseng root, it beggars belief but I have no doubt that some daft sod will buy it!... only in Hong Kong!

The No. 23 on Hong Kong Island - this is typical

The 12M is not much better

At least this young lady seems happy enough

Not quite as happy....

Our traffic cops are always very serious fellows.....

Paula (on the left) and Elizabeth, travel agents from the USA, doing the Peak from my favourite spot.

My old friend - the Golden Orb spider and yes, they are getting bigger.

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Posted on August 19, 2014 .