Personal Walking Tour Hong Kong | The Hong Kong socialite & her Rolls Royce

Doing a selfie at the Big Buddha on Lantau Island, the view from my balcony at the end of a sunny day and the rather aggressive and scary giant centipede that inhabits the Peak

This is one of my favourite cars in Hong Kong, a lovely colour scheme for a Rolls Royce and the number plate is pretty cool as well. The car is seen here pulling up outside the Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel on Queens Road Central.

I wouldn't mind travelling around and having a chap open the door for me.....

Finally the socialite makes an appearance (lovely handbag by the way) followed by her trusty man servant / bodyguard / gofer carrying her briefcase etc - what a life!

.... and the chauffeur settles in for a long wait.

Doing a selfie at the Giant Buddha is becoming the "must do"" thing to do in Hong Kong

This is the view from our balcony, quite stunning at sunset - Hong Kong Island is in the distance.

Meet the giant centipede one of Hong Kong's lesser known scary bugs - this was small, about 7 inches long but they move like greased lightning and they will be up your leg before you can react to give you a nasty bite.

I have never seen an orange Ferrari before and I have to say it was quite unusual although the choice of number plate displays a complete lack of imagination!

Meet the Patersons's, enjoying a couple of days in Hong Kong before jetting off to Bali

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Posted on August 13, 2014 .