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Promoting Emergency Services in Hong Kong with stupid cartoons, our Chief Executive on his way to work and a scary but non life threatening stick insect at the Peak.

So, the prices are in HK$ so divide by 7.75 to get the US$ equivalent - this is Jade in Chow Tai Fook the biggest jewellery company in the world and just about on every street corner in Hong Kong. in a nutshell, Jade is expensive and pricing is somewhat arbitrary, ie take a price and add 750% profit and see if someone is daft enough to buy it... for the record, any product in this picture without a price is over HK$2 million!!

I am guessing that the morons that came up with this "propaganda" on the Ambulance work for the Information Services Department of the Hong Kong Government, as a responsible adult I am sick to death of our Government promoting stuff using stupid cartoons which in this case make a mockery of a very important message. I rather think that this particular moron has the IQ of an amoeba.... oh and now I will tell you what I really think.

.... and talking of morons... many Hong Konger's think that our esteemed leader and Chief Executive C.Y. Leung is a moron - I disagree, I think he is pretty decent guy doing a very difficult job, he is quite dignified and I rather like him.

This is Mr. Leung in his rather staid Lexus (love the badge) going to work.

Bodyguard in the front, C.Y. Leung in the back - not a bad way to travel to work.

One of my more creative shots, normally I can't be bothered kneeling down but by golly it is an interesting creature and quite scary.

My first clients from Egypt - meet Salma and Ahmed enjoying the lovely view from my spot at the Peak.

A somewhat unconventional image of the Island Shangri - La Hotel and the Hotel Conrad located at Admiralty on Hong Kong Island, quite magnificent buildings.

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Posted on August 28, 2014 and filed under Rant of the Week.