Kid Friendly Tour Hong Kong | The Golden Orb spiders at Victoria Peak

The awesome Black Bison Mercedes Benz prowling the streets, my 5th squirrel sighting in 39 years and are colonial post boxes making a comeback?

Cute isn't it, they are not very big yet but that will change soon, I love them and they are everywhere at the Peak!

Oh lordy - simply magnificent!

The Black Bison Mercedes Benz - prowling around the Temple Street Night Market... I imagine that the modifications done cost more than the car itself!

Look closely in the tree and you will see a baby squirrel, I get very excited when I see one, this makes it 5 sightings in 39 years! - Hong Kong does not have an abundance of wildlife.

I am seeing a lot of old colonial post boxes all over Hong Kong, these are the one with the Crown and they used to be red colour and disappeared after 1997. How very odd.

I have no idea what a Safety Ambassador at the airport does but he just walked around in circles for 20 minutes doing nothing at all except chat to the cleaning guy.

Meet the Browns - Eden Rose and daughter Natalie enjoying the great view from my spot at the Peak

What a gorgeous butterfly - spotted at the Peak

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Posted on July 23, 2014 and filed under Spiders, Snakes + Bugs.