Best Private Tour in Hong Kong | Eyeballing Mainland Chinese Soldiers in Hong Kong

Policing the streets of Hong Kong, Jax visits Hong Kong and spots a cool car number plate and utterly pointless tourist attractions.

This is Chinese Army Headquarters at Tamar, it used to be British Naval Headquarters before 1997, this is about as close as you can get to eyeball the very professional soldiers.

A traffic cop looking as cool as Steve McQueen doing his thing in Central

Meet Jax, Jax is a British diplomat and we had a great time trundling around Hong Kong....

...and on the same day Jax was in town, this Mini was spotted with a number plate she really liked!!

This historic tunnel is actually inside the Emperor Jewellery shop at 1881 Heritage shopping mall, the whole thing seems pretty pointless but idiotic gestures from the Tourism people are pretty common here.

This spandex nutter seems happy, less happy where the 50+ vehicles that were stuck behind him!

Yes, it's those friendly Mainland Chinese Army chaps zipping around somewhat low profile - any vehicle with the plate ZG is Chinese Army

Another hairy caterpillar enjoying a bit of al fresco dining at the Peak

A Police patrol boat arriving at Lamma Island with 20 cadets on board.

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Posted on July 20, 2014 .