Hong Kong Last Minute Tour | 13 things I hate about the MTR

Leanne and the ladies at the Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple, spotting the Peoples Liberation Army Vehicles in Hong Kong and Frank, George and Doggie roam Hong Kong.

Trash dropped by Mainland Chinese Tourists on our normally pristine trains.

A huge issue in Hong Kong at the moment is the impact Mainland Chinese tourists are having on our public transport system.

The number of visitors coming to Hong Kong is staggering, in 2013 about 55 million visitors with 42 million from Mainland China alone and yet our Government still claims our Subway / Tube system (MTR) is running smoothly. It is not.

I captured the above image today, I witnessed a family of Mainland Chinese Tourists open up some boxes of some sort of gadget and they simply dropped the boxes on the floor and left the train.

In Hong Kong we are very proud of the MTR our world class (mainly underground) rail transit system which is the envy of most cities around the world and yet many Hong Kongers are getting quite irritated with a visible drop in standards over the past few years so I have compiled a list of what I find to be irritating issues that cause problems and I imagine that most people that live here can relate to them.

I use the MTR extensively 7 days a week!

13 things I hate about the MTR

  1. Overwhelming crowds at the following stations:- Tsim Sha Tsui, Mongkok, Kowloon Tong, Admiralty, Causeway Bay and Central and the situation gets worse daily.

  2. Lining up for 10 minutes at Tsim Sha Tsui Station to buy an Octopus Card simply because there is only member of staff on duty in the Customer Service Centers - this beggars belief

  3. Mainland Chinese tourists lugging huge suitcases full of shopping on the trains

  4. The growing amount of litter on the trains and those ill mannered folk that hawk up a load of snot and spit into the trash cans on the platform and it gets worse, I have witnessed 6 times now Mainland Chinese Mothers picking up their kids and letting them pee into the trash cans on station platforms.... yuk!

  5. Having to wait for 5 trains at Admiralty Station at rush hour and then having our moronic Transport Minister tell us that we should have more patience, I doubt he has even been on a train in the past 5 years.

  6. Mobs of people trying to get on the train before we get off, almost always exclusively Mainland Chinese Tourists that simply have no patience for people disembarking.

  7. No set in stone policy to have staff in the paid areas of the stations on duty to answer questions from almost exclusively Mainland Chinese Tourists which means they try and push into the line at the Customer Service Centres.

  8. Those stupid cartoonish stop signs that members of staff hold up to stop people trying to board an overflowing train ... oh and those bloody irritating whistles they blow as well.

  9. Those even more stupid announcements in 3 languages telling you to hold the handrail on escalators and "don't keep your eyes only on your mobile phone" and yes crowds have slowed to snail pace in stations as it seems everyone is glued to their bloody smartphones!

  10. Public Service announcements in 3 languages telling you that an escalator or lift in the station is out of order - we can see that.

  11. Crowds of mainly Mainland Chinese Tourists with suitcases standing in front of the ticket machines at the exits thus blocking said exits.

  12. Hairy female armpits and funny odours.

  13. You give up your seat for an elderly person and a pushy snotty nosed 5 year old kid takes the seat first ... oh and the reluctance of a lot of people to give up their seat for a pregnant woman.

Leanne and the lovely ladies from Australia

Having fun at the Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple

This is a truck belonging to the Peoples Liberation Army, one of these days the boys will give me a wave!

Some sort of command / communications vehicle... that is one serious army vehicle.

Meet Frank and George enjoying the staggering night view from my spot at the Peak.

Doggie belongs to Franks daughter so a funny image was the order of the day!

Traffic cops being traffic cops


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Posted on July 26, 2014 .