Best Hong Kong Tours | Are rickshaws going to make a comeback in Hong Kong?

The Maritime Museum Hong Kong - worth a visit,  a simply magnificent Porsche Turbo with a fancy matte paint job and taking photo's at the Po Lin Monastery.

Doubling the number of rickshaws in Hong Kong

In the past few weeks I have observed a chap build from scratch 6 new rickshaws which in the past was a somewhat iconic image in Hong Kong. The Government stopped issuing licenses for these "vehicles" many years ago so it will be interesting to see if we are going to see a bunch of crabby, nose picking, bad tempered old codgers harassing tourists all over again.

Watch this space

The Hong Kong Maritime Museum next to the Star Ferry on Hong Kong Island is a very cool place and well worth a visit... I particularly like the shop where you can browse and purchase all things nautical.

Oh my word, my favourite car, the Porsche Turbo - simply magnificent

The iconic photographers pose - the Po Lin Monastery next to the Giant Buddha on Lantau Island

We have had a smoggy couple of months, this is just a reminder of the clear days we get in the summer and that simply magnificent view from my spot at the Peak - amazing!

The original Art Deco Bank of China Fu Dogs from 1953 - you can see them if you walk around the building towards Cheung Kong Centre - I think they are very stylish and such a shame that the Commie Management didn't like them so they were replaced by the more traditional Chinese Fu Dogs outside the main entrance to the Bank.

Central Piers - home to the Star Ferry, the Maritime Museum, Pier No. 9 and the Outlying Island ferry piers.

An old building at the Tai O Fishing Village on Lantau Island

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Posted on February 2, 2014 .