Hong Kong Tour | Officially Hong Kong does NOT have a homeless problem

The absolutely brilliant AMG Mercedes A45 Turbo, some very dodgy looking bamboo scaffolding and The Big Bus Tour in Hong Kong.

A homeless person with all his worldly possessions

The last statistics available are from 2012 when our Government blithely stated that officially out of a population of 7.1 million people we only had 555 homeless people! No Government wants to admit to a big homeless problem so only having 2 homeless shelters seems to bear out the low figure.... it is however common knowledge that our Government sweeps the problem under the carpet so to speak.. it is not unknown (and frequently reported) that Government employee's will actually confiscate and destroy the belongings of homeless people.

If you want a more balanced perspective of the problem then go to our 24/7 McDonalds where you will see the homeless fast asleep on the comfy benches.

I got my first up close sighting of the new must have pocket rocket - the AMG Mercedes A45 Turbo and boy does it look cool -  not a bad number plate either!!

I am always amazed that workers actually stand on these bamboo platforms when renovating apartments, it does not look safe at all!

Not a bad way to see Hong Kong

The Big Bus Tour is a pretty decent way to see Hong Kong on a budget - certainly more interesting than your typical mass market coach tour.

More of those nasty killer trolleys that rule the streets of Hong Kong.

Perhaps my favourite Rolex watch

Nice car, mind numbingly sappy number plate!

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Posted on February 1, 2014 .