Top Things To Do In Hong Kong | The rather iconic Star Ferry Hong Kong

Living the dream in a house in Shatin in the NT., a relic at the site of the old Kai Tak Airport and the simply brilliant Tai O Fishing Village.

Simply iconic

Where possible I try and ride the Star Ferry between Hong Kong Island and TST, in Kowloon every day... I just love the smell of diesel in the morning on the lower deck of the ferry.. just brilliant.

Nice houses and nice surroundings, if I had a spare US$20 million I might just buy a house in Shatin

Tai O Fishing Village, one of the most photogenic places in Hong Kong

The old radar at the site of the old Kai Tak Airport, it looks like something from a Men in Black movie.

A Catholic Priest who died in Hong Kong - his grave is at St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery in Happy Valley

Chicken traders at Wanchai wet market, pretty gruesome stuff

Which property agent would you choose!

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Posted on January 31, 2014 .