Most Popular Hong Kong Tour | New Hong Kong Island road tunnel is taking shape

The rather odd multi - coloured Star Ferry you can see in Hong Kong Harbour, an arty farty barbed wire image and the YMCA in Hong Kong.

This is the entrance to the new Central - Wanchai - Causeway Bay - North Point bypass which in theory will open in 2017, so we have some way to go yet...

Government advertising on the fabled Star Ferry - supposedly we are Asia's World City and I have to say that it does not feel like it at the moment...

I can do arty farty when I want - barbed wire at the Star Ferry Pier with Ocean Terminal in the background.

The YMCA in Hong Kong runs lots of Hotels and Hostels which are worth checking out

A fairly typical Hong Kong Taxi Driver

One of the reasons I love the new breed of Beamers is that they have offbeat colours which make them stand out.. love this shade of blue!

Posted on December 4, 2014 .