Tours for Seniors Hong Kong | Indonesian Maids strutting their stuff in Central

The Steiff bear at the Peak has gone!, a lovely bulldog on Cheung Chau and a colourful bug at the Peak.

All of these characters are female and are Indonesian maids who appear to have cast aside their Muslim religion for a while and gone to the dark side... just another little cultural quirk in Hong Kong.

This is / was a rather large promotional bear for the Steiff bear brand - located at the Peak Galleria, it was filled with balloons. It has now gone and I am wondering if it is now orbiting Mars??

I came across this rather magnificent British Bulldog on Cheung Chau Island

I have never seen a bug like this before.... wow.

An eel and a fish made a forlorn bid for freedom at Wanchai wet market

Another one of my favourite McLarens... oh lordy.

Posted on December 9, 2014 .