Hong Kong Tours for Business Travelers | Del Boy spotted in Hong Kong!

Recently deceased pigs in Mong Kok Market, a bus driver sleeping on the job and the worst coffee in Hong Kong.

Del Boy - from Only Fools and Horses has moved to Hong Kong and drives a pretty nice car

I almost got nailed again by my nemesis the killer trolleys, then I noticed the recently decreased pigs who unlike the zombie fish and their still beating hearts were stone cold dead. -

We were stuck at traffic lights for a while and I took this image of a sleeping driver from the bus I was on....

I have to say that the coffee I had here was the worst I have ever had... makes one yearn for a Starbucks.

A fairly typical massage parlour - foot, body and other bits.

The famous and fabulous Peninsula Hotel and it's Christmas decorations... simply wonderful. -

A tourist taking pictures next to the Star Ferry on Hong Kong Island

Posted on December 3, 2014 .