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The rather odd War Memorial in Hong Kong Park, the rather odd Green Island and Sunday is spandex nutter day.

Mercedes Benz is by far the most common luxury car in Hong Kong and I always wonder why when people drop a significant load of money on a car they don't customise it a little.. here one Mercedes S500 pretty much blurs into another.....The AMG division of Mercedes does however produce some magnificent cars and this is a wonderful example of what happens when you spend a little more.. this is one of the finest Mercedes I have ever seen... magnificent!! and a real head turner.

A World War 1 statue for a 2nd World War soldier - how very odd?

Here are the details for the memorial (near the Tea Museum)

You pass Green Island on the way to Cheung Chau Island

A lazy, hazy day of summer normally means all the spandex nutters come out to cause mayhem on our roads... the numbers grow dramatically as the weather gets cooler...it's a pity most of the riders are blokes. rs

Of much more interest to me is the bikers who are also out in force on a Sunday although this looks a little uncomfortable for the young lady on the back...

... and some car owners are clueless - how can do you this to an expensive car???

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Posted on November 30, 2014 .