Best Tours for Seniors Hong Kong | Ding Dim 1968, decent Dim Sum Restaurant

The absolutely awesome red Bentley, number plate HS prowling the streets of Hong Kong, Christmas at the Landmark and the strange tour requests I get.

The food is as good as it looks - I happened upon this tiny and I mean tiny dim sum restaurant in Soho.. they have 4 / 5 tables only and cramped does not begin to describe it and frankly it detracts from the food a little... still worth a visit....

Here are more details of Ding Dim 1968 - pay a visit but good luck in getting a seat! I have to say that the food was delicious and I am very jaded when it comes to Dim Sum but all the time we were in there ( 3 of us ) you could not get past how cramped and uncomfortable it was, I guess this is why you can order online and eat it in the office or at home.

Is this not an amazing Bentley

This is one of the most distinctive cars in Hong Kong, kind of hard to miss!

Lovely number plate as well

Simply amazing

You can always rely on the Landmark for some excellent Christmas decorations - this year a Parisian theme - well done!

I get the strangest requests for things to do on a tour - I did not dignify this gentleman with a response.

American cars have no status in Hong Kong but me thinks this old Cadillac Fleetwood is a classic!

Posted on December 19, 2014 .