Best Private Tours for Seniors Hong Kong | Fancy cars in Hong Kong, amazing

I have a favourite spot to take images of cars which has been off limits for 77 days because of the student protests, the road has been re - opened and I am always amazed at the number of fancy cars you can see over a couple of hours... staggering really!! here are just a few of the 1,000 + car images I took today... and the only supercar I didn't see was a McLaren!

A classic Aston Martin

The amazing Audi R8 although I have to admit I do not like this colour for this car - it looks fabulous in burnt orange!

I am a huge fan of Audi's!! many of them look very, very cool

I am also very much into car number plates - I have amassed a rather large collection

I love it when people go for a non standard paint job - this is a very cool Audi

Matte paint jobs on cars such as this Audi are a bit hit and miss, this looks good and I love the number plate as well

Bentleys are very common in Hong Kong, some of them however are simply stunning like this sporty Bentley.

Sometimes though a particular colour just does not work - what on earth was he thinking??

I always used to think Beamers were a little on the boring side but by golly have they corrected that, I am a huge, huge fan of their new pimped out models of the M3 and M5 series, they have these new and somewhat offbeat colours in blue, red and yellowy gold that are just lovely to look at.. brilliant

Oh my, this is not quite an off the shelf Beamer and it had the most amazing engine noise when it blasted by....

Ferrari, a somewhat legendary car and I love them but in Hong Kong they just seem to be too common and there is something inherently wrong with a 4 year old child strapped in the front seat!! (a common sight here)

I do like the Jaguar - I am pretty sure the chap driving this splendid example is George Tam a famous Hong Kong crooner!

There is something about the name Lamborghini that invokes fury - all sharp angles and brute power I am still a big fan... love the colour of this one + the lucky number plate!

One of my favourite engine sounds is that of a Maserati, it is a throbbing, burbling sound..

The Maybach is a monster, the biggest luxury car in the world and it is making a comeback after Mercedes stopped making it a few years ago.. favoured by the billionaires here...

Frankly it is a bit hard to keep track of all the Mercedes Benz models in Hong Kong suffice to say that Mercedes is far and away the biggest luxury car brand in Hong Kong in terms of sales and I am a huge fan of quite a few models including the S500 and anything with an AMG or Brabus badge.

Some of the old Mercedes are just all time classics

Oh yes, the Mercedes SLS, probably my favourite model, ultra cool

... and that super cool flip up spoiler!! the rear view of the SLS

I am NOT a fan of the Mini, never have been but every now and then a pimped out version happens by.. not bad at all.

Ever since I was a kid I have loved Porsche cars and my favourite car is still the Porsche 911 Turbo - this is NOT the turbo!

Before my time of course, the classic Porsche 356

A seriously pimped out Range Rover.

A classic old Rolls Royce.. lovely but I also like the new models which are just peachy.

I am well aware this is NOT a car but I am a bit of a motorbike fan and this is the first time I have actually seen a guy wearing leathers.. normally it is shorts, a t - shirt and flip flops!.

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