Last Minute Night Tour Hong Kong | Hello Kitty driving a Mercedes Benz in Hong Kong

The spandex nutters doing their Sunday thing on the south side of Hong Kong Island, the fabulous Mong Kok Street Markets and the guy in the Harley.

Absolute proof that Hello Kitty is alive and kicking in Hong Kong, she has a learner plate on her lovely almost brand new Mercedes Benz - you saw it here first!

Every Sunday all over Hong Kong Island (but mainly on the south side of Hong Kong Island) you get packs of spandex nutters causing huge traffic jams - honestly it is way cooler to be sat in a McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini etc.

I love the Mong Kok street markets, these are NOT tourist markets ... if you want to get a real taste of local life then this is a must visit.

Steve McQueen cool - this is way cooler than wearing spandex and riding a bike with pedals!!

Carl and Emily enjoying the fabulous Hong Kong city views from my spot at the Peak.

I have to say this is not my favourite colour scheme for a Rolls Royce but hey being rich you can get away with being eccentric!

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Posted on November 6, 2014 .