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Nathan Road in Kowloon - worth exploring, the fancy cars of the rich and famous in Hong Kong and a traffic cop doing his thing.

Frogs are the new delicacy in Hong Kong and are now very common in our wet markets - they are crammed into small cages to await their fate which is swift and brutal, the head gets lopped off, guts are removed and they are then skinned and it takes about 10 seconds..

The Peninsula Hotel on the left, the Sheraton Hotel on the right - this is the start of Nathan Road in TST, Kowloon. 2 miles of non stop shopping

This is probably my favourite Maybach in Hong Kong.. pity they do not make it anymore. It is favoured by our billionaires but I have to say it is NOT discreet, this car is huge!

A traffic cop doing his thing in Central

If you go into the basement arcade of the fabulous Peninsula Hotel you will come across the Hotel's boutique where you can buy all manner of Peninsula branded products, worth a visit! -

Me getting the evil eye from these youngsters on a fabulous bike, the Ducati

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Posted on November 7, 2014 .